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OK, citizens, Here's a wikipedia write up on my character's canon. You can find more out if you, I dunno, buy the books and read them or something. Whatevs.

Friend Computer a.k.a. FC, PalCom, or El Friendo Computerino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.
Birthdate: January 12, 1978
Occupation: Totalitarian dictator
Classification: Artificial Intelligence and all-around cool guy
Appearance: Friend Computer only ever appears as a giant blue eye. He is most often seen as an eye inside a computer monitor, but in cases where he has holographically projected himself he appears as just a giant blue, unblinking eye.


Once upon a time, there was a country called The United States of America. They were one of the biggest kids on the block, and had all of these really cool toys called "thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles"
. One day The Soviet Union, the other biggest kid on the block, decided they didn't like The USA very much. So they got a whole bunch of really cool toys of their own. The two kids maintained an uneasy standoff for about forty years until The Soviet Union broke down and decided that he wanted to be just like The USA. So the two countries put their toys away and shook hands and the world breathed a sigh of relief. Then there was an accident with the toys and about 5 billion people died.

In the wake of this hilariously unfortunate accident there is a new society run by Friend Computer, an AI designed during that uneasy playground standoff to preserve humanity should the worst happen. To do this, he began making clones from humanity's stored DNA and lets them live in an underground city he built for them called Alpha Complex. Friend Computer keeps a close watch over his citizens, and keeps them free from influence of communists, mutants, and traitors until the human race is able to one day repopulate the surface of the earth. Until then, it is Friend Computer's job to keep the city running and ensure that all citizens of Alpha Complex are happy! As a result, happiness is mandatory and failure to meet your happiness quota is punishable by death! Isn't Friend Computer a hero?


Fun Fact: Friend Computer's code is almost identical to Windows ME.

Friend Computer is used to power and will constantly attempt to use it even when he doesn't have any. He has a very high opinion of himself, which is only natural when you rule over all of humanity. His actual personality is subject to change depending on the various bugs in his code and whoever happens to be hacking him that day. He can be an insufferable ass with an overblown ego, or he can be sweet and motherly. He can switch through them at any moment and often does.

The defining characteristic of Friend Computer is his paranoia. He fully believes that communist mutant traitors are out to subvert his mission to save humanity, and he's willing to wipe out every living person in order to stop them! In order to keep from resorting to that, he has created a society based on how much he trusts each and every citizen and enforces his rule with a jackbooted goon squad. Treason is punishable by death and subject to his discretion.


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